Purifications / Scavenging Technologies

vesselPurification of complex molecules is often difficult and expensive.   The removal of trace amounts of impurities can add significant cost and time to the manufacturing of a molecule.  In addition, these low level impurities are often toxic and can add increase complexity and cost to the overall waste removal and disposal..   With the development of new scavenging technologies,  these low level impurities can often be removed without significant yield loss and minimize solvent use.  Today, there are a number of products out there that can reduce the metal content of your product.  Also, there are new products coming out that can effectively remove organic impurities as well.  In addition to some type of scavenging agent, the use of membrane technology has also grown and being used more to reduce the overall levels of impurities in the final product.

Other technologies such membrane technologies as well as chromatography are seeing increased use in these areas.  We are currently working on projects that will require the removal of low levels of both organic and inorganic compounds.  Our objective is to reduce cost while providing an environmentally friendly solution. New technologies have been able to provide economic and safe process improvements for the removal of small amounts of impurities.   This can affect your overall cost to produce your compound and potentially reduce your waste cost.