Chromatography / Simulated Moving Bed


moving-bedWith the development of new chromatography methods as well as improved stationary phases, the use of chromatography for the manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) has increased.  Today, we see that we can economically produce API’s using sophisticated chromatography methods such as Simulated Moving Bed (SMB).  These technologies can be used to compliment new continuous processes as an effective way to purify your end product.  In addition, SMB has been shown to be an economic method for both separations and purifications of your final product or critical raw materials.  Today, more products are produced using large scale chromatography.  In addition, with improvements in the Station Phases as well as equipment improvements, the technology has found its place in today’s manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates as well as final products.

We have been involved in the use of Chromatography for many years and can assist companies in this area.  We have extensive knowledge in both the regulatory and technical side of the business and worked on several large and small scale projects to help bring on line these processes.  Whether your product is a larger volume or high value active drug, we can assist you in the overall development of our product.  With our knowledge of the technology and the regulatory requirements, we are ready to assist you.