High Containment

High Containment 1With the development of more active pharmaceuticals, the need for high containment facilities has grown over the last few years.  The ability to manufacturer steroids, oncology drugs as well as in general highly potent compounds is critical.  Smaller volume highly potent drugs are becoming more common in today’s development cycle.   The need for specialized equipment and training is essential to the development of your products.  In addition, an understanding of the global market for the starting materials is critical for the successful manufacturing of your product.

The implementations of technologies such as continuous flow chemistry and purification methods such as chromatography are essential for the development of your product.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Solutions has worked with most of the premier suppliers of HAPAI’s to develop new compounds for the pharmaceutical industry.  This included innovative designs for development through the commercialization of new compounds.   Our focus is to assure you that these products are manufactured in a safe environment as well as to assure the overall supply line is developed.  While the volumes maybe small, it does not eliminate the need for multiple sources and secure supplies.  In addition, with the requirements for new technologies such as nanoparticles and conjugates, it can often be about more than the API itself.

While it could be a simple report on products and suppliers or the development of a complex supply line, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Solutions is here to assist you and get help you develop your API and feed your clinical needs.