Catalytic Transformations

catalyistCatalytic Transformations are a critical part of chemical synthesis today.   Chemical And Pharmaceutical Solutions has consulted on a number of projects related to catalytic transformations either metal or enzyme driven.  In addition, we are not limited to just the transformation and look at the entire process including the preparation of the catalyst through the removal and recovery of the metal.  We can assist you in the overall strategy to handle the process from various ideas to acquire the metal to compliance with new lower metal limits.

In addition, we have worked with a number of technical centers and research groups to help our clients find new and innovative solutions to their chemical problems.  This helps bring new ideas forward and commercialize technology coming from research and academic group.   While we often associate catalytic transformations with metal driven chemistry, we have worked on several potential enzymatic transformations.   Our focus is to use the best technology to get your product commercialized.