Our Clients

Emerging Pharmaceutical Markets: From the development of simple Agreements through complex Supply Agreements, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Solutions, Inc., has the required experience to support these aspects of your production. We have developed complex supply lines with global manufacturing capable of developing your processes, implementing them on a commercial scale and maintaining the flexibility to support development through the clinical process. In addition, we will review manufacturing processes for both costing and technical concerns.

We also help our clients in assuring the proper level of regulatory oversight and to make sure that level of compliance is appropriate for the position of their product in clinical development.  This can include audits, preparation and review of documents including SOP’s and batch records as well as development reports and validation protocols.

Contract Manufacturing Organizations: This is primarily directed to a more strategic approach to product areas such as Scheduled Drugs or High Potency Markets. In addition, we will review manufacturing processes looking for technical improvements and new technologies.

Venture Capital Firms: We review manufacturing documents as well as site selections for potential short falls that could affect the eventual launch of a potential project and affect the potential due to delayed launch.